Charity Work

Charity Work

  • The Rajasthani Foundation friends and members have worked tirelessly towards developing and participating in sustainable charitable programmes

    1. Connecting Elderly@Carehomes with Families during Covid-19 Pandemic

    Covid-19 pandemic has transitioned us to a very different way of living, kindness and gratitude has brought us together and will keep us going.

    True to our core principles of community and charity we have donated dry food supplies to the hospital and packed lunch to front line key workers.

    Currently we are reaching out to the care homes and providing them with hand held electronic tablets for the use of the residents. The idea behind this unique initiative is to help the aged inhabitants read, watch, and browse, play games and showcase their artistic side but above all stay connected with their loved ones via video calls. These trying times have highlighted how fragile we are and the significance of friends and family in our lives.

    TRF feels proud to have donated electronic tablets to twenty five care homes around London so far. We are working to expand our reach to other areas around London. Our aims is to target at least 250 Care homes.

    Our determination and your support go hand in hand to help achieve our common goal of giving give back to the community.

    We would like to share a few responses from some care home managers who have written back to us:

    • Maya Beekary from High Meadows Care Home wrote

      "We really appreciate the thought and consideration put in to this, so thank you again from myself and all the residents. This has made everyone’s day better."

    • StavrosEllinas from Sanctuary Care said.

      "Thank you so much for the offer. Our residents will love this as they do enjoy
      gadgets !!"

    • Ruta Starkute

      "I would like to thank you for your generous donation. The tablet will enable residents to keep in touch with their loved ones during lockdown."

    • Sue Peate The Radley Care Home

      "I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your very kind donation of a tablet to our home. It will mean that we can increase the amount of family contact our residents have, via WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime etc..
      When the pandemic is over and we can open our doors to visitors again, we will be having a “Thank you” Garden Party for all of you out there who have overwhelmed us all with your show of support and generosity, in what are unprecedented times.
      Words are not enough, please take care."

    2. Navjyoti Manovikas Kendra – Jodhpur

    A specialist school for mentally challenged adults & children in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The school works with the individuals to continue their development and social integration.
    The institution provides pupils training in specialised skills by having specially trained teachers on site to educate and develop the students. The infrastructure provides opportunities for children to discover hidden potential, gain confidence in themselves and also creates awareness amongst the general public with regards to misconceptions for mental disabilities.
    Declared the Best Institution of the State and has received recognition from the Indian Government.
    Visit Us :

    3. Jagriti - Jaipur

    Jagriti today has around 250 active and dedicated members from all walks of life. Their Endeavour is to work in the fields of education, human welfare and environment conservation. We, at Jagriti, believe that education is the sole instrument that can aid in eradicating most of the problems of our society.
    Hence, Jagriti has chosen 'Education for the Underprivileged' as its primary goal.
    Visit Us :

    TRF Support
    The Rajasthani Foundation has supported the school with donations that have assisted with new buildings and improving the infrastructure. We are currently raising funds to be able to allow the school to hire better qualified teachers, purchase modern equipment, and expand lodging capacity to increase the student population.

    The Future
    The Rajasthani Foundation has long term goals and with your generous support and belief, the TRF Charity journey will continue:
    • TRF intends to expand its charitable arm to other deserving causes in Rajasthan
    • To preserve the Rajasthani culture and heritage for future generations within the UK by establishing a TRF community centre
    • To continue providing a social community platform which will benefit the youth with invaluable networking opportunities
    • TRF intends to start a summer volunteer programme for youth members to take part in charitable work in Rajasthan during their summer
    • TRF wants to increase the awareness of problems and struggles currently found in Rajasthan through innovative public relations
    • We hope to grow the foundation by continuing to increase our membership base

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