Membership Info

Membership Info

  • The Rajasthani Foundation (TRF) aims to create a platform which brings us together as a community, as well as help preserve, nurture and pass on the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan to our younger generations

    By taking part in our activities, attending our events and becoming a member, you will gain valuable social and networking opportunities with other Rajasthanis in the UK, some of whom you'll already know and others whom you've still to meet. To take part you can:
    • Become a member
    • Help out for any of the events or activities
    • Paticipate in Charity Initiatives.

    Membership to TRF provides numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:
    • Access to events at concessionary rates
    • Meet other members and volunteers
    • An opportunity to take part in some of the events and activities of the TRF
    • Paticipate in Charity Initiatives
    Membership is a lifetime membership costing UK £ 100-00, and is valid for husband and wife together with children under the age of 18. Each membership is entitled to vote (one vote per family), and members will elect a board of directors every year at an AGM; directors in turn will elect the chairman.

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    The Rajasthani Foundation (TRF) family has been growing over the years, which is due to the effort of all the members who support the cause of TRF. To manage the growing membership and ensure member details are updated, TRF has started using Web Collect. Please log-in to update your details and add your family details so that we can keep all our members and their families informed of TRF activities and upcoming events.
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